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Engrave mark on bare metal and mark plastic.

Laser marking is an ideal way to make permanent, high definition, high contrast markings on metallic and glass surfaces. We use several methods depending on the type of surface.

Both glass* and anodized aluminum offer ideal marking surfaces. When lasered in the normal way where the laser beam directly strikes the surface, dark anodized surfaces and glass will yield a light, frosted looking marking.  

Bright metals surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, silver, pewter and gold and glass can be marked using a revolutionary new Cerdec® process. This method requires brush coating the  surface with a ceramic solution. When the coating is exposed to the high intensity laser beam, the ceramic fuses into the metal or glass surface resulting in a indelible, permanent, high contrast  marking. Metals are marked with a black marking only but glass can be marked in several colors.

Any design or logo can be marked.

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